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  • A Lesson in Dying

    A Lesson in Dying   By Pat Schwiebert,     My friend died last week.  59 years old is too young to die.  Not being able to see her almost-13-year-old son grow up is also unfair.  But she died anyway.  There was no stopping death.   She had held ovarian cancer at bay for five years with chemotherapy, radiation, meditation and by becoming friends with what some call the enemy. There had been a sigh of relief when the doctors...

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  • A day for mom....except this one

    A day for mom....except this one   Borrowed from Nine Months and still Counting Finally today is drawing to an end. I got through it, but barely. The one thing that became obvious to me today was that I'm missing out on so many things. My morning started fine. I was headed to the store to get some things for brunch as I was having my family over. That peaceful day I was hoping for came to an end when...

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  • 8 ways to forgive yourself

    8 ways to forgive yourself and let go of your past     By Kimberly Giles   Question:I enjoyed your articles about forgiving other people, but how do you forgive yourself and move on when you have made many mistakes? That is what I struggle with.Answer:You are not alone. Most of us hold on to past mistakes and let them affect our self-esteem for way too long. This is not healthy and does not serve anyone. Here are eight suggestions...

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  • 6 Things to Never Say to a Bereaved Parent

    6 Things to Never Say to a Bereaved Parent   By Angela     If you’re a bereaved parent, you can probably count on at least five hands the number of phrases you wish people would never, ever say to you. If only there was a way for the world to learn how to speak compassionately to the brokenhearted. What many people believe is a comforting statement, most often is not. It usually feels more like a slap in...

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  • 48-Hour Grief

    48-Hour Grief   By John T. Schwiebert,     The personal grief that gets the most attention is usually connected to the most profound losses that human beings can experience: the death of one’s child or one’s spouse, for example. Grief in such cases takes a great deal of emotional energy especially in the early weeks and months.  It also takes forever, it seems, to get through it.  For one “making tear soup” in such cases the largest pot is...

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  • (Mother's) Day

    (Mother's) Day      .     Where I had imagined breakfast in bed, I found only tears on my pillow. Where I had imagined flowers and a card, I found only flowers on her grave. Where I had imagined a home of happy chaos and noise, I found only weeping through silence. Where I had imagined my child at my chest, I found only emptiness and aching. Where I had imagined Motherhood celebrated, I found only another painful reminder...

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