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  • 18 Things I Wish Someone had Told me About Grief

    by Lisa K. Boehm Up until the day my 17 year old daughter died, I hadn't experienced intense grief. I had lost elderly grandparents, whom I felt sadness for, but never have I experienced grief that rips your heart in half and nearly tears your family apart. While it is a fact that none of us will live forever, death always comes as a shock whether it follows illness or happens suddenly.  Before we lost Katie in a car...

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  • The Fading Tapestry of a Life Once Lived

    by Maria Kubitz   On September 30, it will be ten years since you died. Ten years isn’t very long in the grand scheme of things. But considering you died at the tender age of four, it feels like so much more. Memories of you have already begun to fade. Evidence of your very existence is far and few between. Clothes you wore, things you cherished, and art you created all fit into a few small bins. Bins that have...

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