What Mother’s Day is Like for Grieving Moms

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What Mother’s Day is Like for Grieving Moms

/ Post by Codi Lindsey

By Angela Miller

Earlier this week we invited you to speak your truth about Mother’s Day.  We were flooded with hundreds of responses: the raw truth about what Mother’s Day is really like for you- grieving moms.  Moms who often feel there is no place for you anymore on this day.  No place for both your love and pain, your gratitude and your sorrow; no place for you as a grieving mother- at Mother’s Day brunches, churches, gatherings and celebrations.  As grieving moms, we often feel left out- forgotten, ignored and misplaced on this day that was in fact founded by bereaved mothers themselves.

We are so honored to feature your collective voices here, to speak your truth, and to honor and celebrate you as a mother.  Just as love never dies, the bond between a mother and her child lasts forever.  Not even death can take that away.  On Sunday (and every day), we hope you will remember: no matter how long or short your child’s like was, you will always and forever be your precious child’s mom.  Always.

We hope the voices of these grieving moms will resonate deeply with your broken heart, and that in the sharing of our collective pain, you will feel our arms wrapped tightly around you, hear us whispering, “Me too, me too,” and deeply know:

You are never, ever alone.  Not on Mother’s Day, and not on any day of the year.

This Mother’s Day we remember you, we honor you, and we celebrate the brave, beautiful mom you are.

On the A Bed For My Heart Facebook page, we asked,

What is Mother’s Day like for you?
What do you wish more people understood
about what it’s really like to be a grieving mom on Mother’s Day?

To read the responses, visit Angela’s page: https://abedformyheart.com/what-mothers-day-is-like-for-grieving-moms/

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