I Want You to Know Who I Am

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I Want You to Know Who I Am

/ Post by Codi Lindsey

I Want You to Know Who I Am

So many people pass through our lives throughout our lifetime.  Some barely register on our radar, others leave deep imprints upon our lives and hearts.  Only some make us feel like we are truly known, and allow us to know them as well.  But how much do we really need to know about someone to feel as though we know them?

This month Pat shares with us her take on what it means to be known and discusses how a person can be known to us even without sharing many details about their past and experiences.

In John's article, he will share his take on the well-known quote about "a time to weep..."  John invites us to share his view that the times for joy and sorrow are meant to be experienced in our own time and freely, without fear of judgment.

We hope that these articles will resonate with you as we enter this new year.

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