I have seen amazing love.

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I have seen amazing love.

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I have seen amazing love. 


By Pat Schwiebert, R.N.


I’ve seen a woman glow from the radiance of being with child--pregnant in anticipation of the relationship that will forever change her because of the love that connects the two of them.  I’ve seen that love endure even when death takes that child from her arms and places the child safely to remain in her heart forever.

I’ve known the desire to trade places with someone whom I loved so she could watch her children live and grow, yet live with the humility of my not being able to do so.

I’ve witnessed a man come out of a coma just long enough to say “I love you. I love you!  I miss you. I miss you!” to the lover whom no one else regarded as worthy.

I‘ve smelled the fragrance of love as she cooked his favorite meal knowing he would only be able to eat a bite before falling off to sleep.

I’ve watched as tough love said “no,” to her child, risking an unwanted outcome, then having to remind herself over and over that she said no out of love, only to see the child die anyway.

I’ve watched love endure a long drawn out ending of a life well lived.

I understand the emptiness you feel when it’s over and there are no more chances that things will get better.

I’ve recognized the patience of love in a family caring for someone with Alzheimer’s.

I’ve seen love bring him to his knees when he knew he couldn’t protect her from herself.

I’ve observed love dance down the hallway in the delight of one more day with the love of her life.

I’ve seen love take what little it can get and say thank you.

I’ve seen love dig a grave for the family dog in the back yard where he played so often with the kids, then go back into the house for a last meal with that same dog, cradle the dog while the vet slipped forever juice into his veins, then weep with the children before laying the beloved companion to rest in his play yard.

I’ve been disappointed that love didn’t have the power to keep us from grieving but have learned to be grateful for how love will see us through whatever comes our way if we allow it.

I know love makes it all worthwhile.



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