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Feeling Heart Necklaces

Feeling Heart Necklace

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Hole In My Heart

You are the Mother of All Mothers

A book to comfort and reaffirm mothers following the death of a child of any age.
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There are few books that address the weight of guilt and shame that a grieving mother carries with her after the loss of her child. The deep feeling of failure that accompanies child loss can be heart, mind and soul crippling. Reengaging in life after loss and attempting to find a sliver of hope again is an on-going battle-- one no bereaved mother should travel alone. No matter the age or cause of death, no matter the story, this book is for you, sweet mama. It's the book you can reach for in the middle of the night, when you feel like no one understands your pain. It's the book you can carry with you anywhere and everywhere, to give you a lift of hope, a sliver of light in the darkness. It's a balm for your broken heart, a comfort for your aching soul. It's an elixir to combat that feeling of failure, a way to lift your heart and soul, again and again, whenever it needs to be lifted with some gentle, loving encouragement from someone who knows. It's a way to replace the insidious lies with a truth that will resonate with all your broken pieces, a truth that will settle deep into every crevice of your being. Whether today, or years from now, some day, some how, I hope you know what I know to be true: you truly are the mother of all mothers-- a warrior mama through and through.
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ISBN 9781940014197
Author Angela Miller
Publisher Wise Ink Creative Publishing
Language English
Binding Hardcover
Dimensions 6.5 x 6.5 x .75
Page Count 78
Product Code MOAMO
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