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Assortment Pack A

Tear Soup Cards

Grief Notes

Grief Notes

Caring Cards

Cards created to acknowledge a stillbirth, miscarriage or early infant loss. Pack of 10.

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Stillbirth or early infant loss is the loneliest of all griefs; no one else knew the child except the parents, and few friends will remember this baby after a short time. We offer you this way to let bereaved parents know that you haven’t forgotten them in their grief. You may want to send a caring card to bereaved parents one month after the death of their baby, on holidays, or on the child’s first birthday anniversary. Personalized cards from your hospital or office are also available on request.

Each pack of includes 10 of the chosen option of Caring Card, with the assortment pack containing one of each card.

Please note: While the wording on the cards will match with the option you select, the cover image may vary.

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