The Most Important Day of Your Life

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The Most Important Day of Your Life

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In Buddhist thought, the day you die is considered the most important day of your life. The moment of your death is the culmination of your entire life; and you want to be at the highest vibration ...

In Buddhist thought, the day you die is considered the most important day of your life. The moment of your death is the culmination of your entire life; and you want to be at the highest vibration possible in that moment so that you can move on to the highest vibration possible on the other side.

Crazy Horse, a holy man of the Lakota people, became well known for the phrase “Today is a good day to die.” His words epitomized the Native American philosophy that understands that our lives are cyclical. Life on mother earth is a circle just as the stars; the moon and the sun are circles. We are born, we live, and we die. Crazy Horse and the holy men and women of the many tribes of what is now North and South America were indeed great prophets.

Maria Dancing Heart Hoaglund’s new book, "The Most Important Day of Your Life?," will help you go deeper spiritually and get better prepared for your death. You will also learn about some of the best kept secrets of hospice. You will learn how expansive your life is and how lovingly, creatively, and graciously you might live it. And who knows? You just might decide – as the Celtic way suggests – to die before you die, so that when you finally let go of your earthly life, there’ll be no need to die!

Below are the chapter titles from the book:

Chapter 1. Life and Death Go Hand in Hand – Bringing Death Back to Life
Chapter 2. Hospice Work – Like Having a Gradual Near Death Experience
Chapter 3. The Simple Power of Being a Loving Witness
Chapter 4. Maintaining Attentive Ears with an Open Heart
Chapter 5. There Is So Much More than Meets the Eye
Chapter 6. Developing Flexibility
Chapter 7. Growing Our Intuition
Chapter 8. Holding a Grateful Heart and a Non-judgmental Attitude
Chapter 9. Being Open to the Mystery and Unpredictability of Life
Chapter 10. We Are All Profoundly Inter-connected: Tuning into the Synchronicity of Life
Chapter 11: Healing Tools for Self-care and Relaxation
Conclusion: A Vision of Peace
Suggestions for Death Care Reform in America
20 Questions You’ve Always Wanted to Ask a Hospice Counselor © May, 2010

Some of the benefits you’ll experience by reading "The Most Important Day in Your Life?"

1. Bring more joy into your life.
2. Allow you to live more fully in the present (moment).
3. Assist you to go deeper spiritually.
4. Help you become a better partner and friend.
5. Move you to delve into the mystery and magic of life.
6. Help you to become a better caregiver.
7. Challenge you to know "who you really are!"
8. Allow you to move through life transitions with more grace and ease.
9. Help you to help your parents and elders face the aging process.
10. Show you some of the best kept secret treasures of hospice.
11. Allow you to discover what comes after life.
12. Show you how to prepare to "start the conversation" with someone you love.

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