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by Kathy Lowrey

Hubby has no concept of time.

Time passed, time passing or time to come. Days, weeks, months ago could be a few mins ago to Hubby. An hour ago could be last week.
With no time concept Hubby is liable to do or want to do anything at any time.

The other night while we were lying in bed he decided he needed to shave. I am always happy to oblige this request as he hasn't the ability to do it on his own anymore, but 11:30 at night is a little late for me so I didn't offer. Hubby rose from the bed and walked into our bathroom then returned a short while later with a towel wrapped around his shoulders. Hubby made an announcement "I'm ready to take off"

Of course I laughed and asked where he was taking off too. He told me he had on his Superman Cape and clutched the towel. We both laughed and I got up to assist him with his shaving. After all, Who could say no to helping Superman? ;-)

Then there are occasions when he will get up at extremely early hours like yesterday.

Hubby had gotten up and ready for the day way before I ever got up and had any morning coffee. (never a good thing)

I found him sitting at the dining table going through the pictures I had laid out for scanning. I think I scanned about 100 new ones and added them to the digital picture frame. Hubby was very pleased with them and he and I sat and admired and talked about our lives that were flashing before our eyes.

I can not even begin to say how grateful I am for this awesome gift. A gift that reaches much farther than just a piece of technology. A gift that reached into the mind and heart of Hubby. Returning happy times and precious memories.

He then decided he needed to go outside and do some work on his car. He has his old car sitting outside on flat tires so I don't fear he will try to drive away. Nor do I believe he has the ability to fix the tires. He picked up a battery that was dead and carried it to the porch. He then connected the charger to it after filling the water levels in the battery. Then things got fuzzy. He wasn't sure how to turn the charger on so he came to me and asked for my help. 

I was surprised he was able to lift the battery and carry it. He hasn't done anything remotely strenuous in a very very long time. Because he sleeps so much and never does anything, his muscles have all atrophied. These days any activity on his part causes him discomfort from sore muscles. He stays in chronic pain, I believe, mostly as a result of no daily physical activity. I will not go as far as to say that is the only reason.

Hubby piddled around with his car for a while then came inside. I had been checking on him and at one point he was leaned over in his trunk. Feet on the ground, knees still locked so I knew he was ok but I thought to myself , "His back will be killing him for sure." And sure enough just a matter of moments upon his entrance to the house he requested a BC Headache powder for his aching back.

A couple of hours later he requested another but I told him it was way too early for another as he had just taken one. He wasn't happy with this answer and quizzed me about the time. Hubby stayed up the rest of the day but never did go back outside for anything. Later in the evening he was still complaining about his back hurting so I offered him another BC. He looked at me a little annoyed and said. "You just told me I couldn't have one, it was too soon". I told him that it was a few hours earlier I had said that and enough time had lapsed for him to have another. Suspicious, he accepted my offer to get him a dose.

As a result of Hubby's movement he was able to have another movement ;-)

Because Hubby doesn't move enough and continues to have a good appetite when he is awake or raiding the refrigerator at night while he wanders, he suffers with constipation. I keep harping to him that he needs to drink more fluids and move more but my words just float away. If he is going to sleep all the time I almost wish he wouldn't eat so much. If he's going to stay awake I wish he would be more active.

I guess I'll just keep wishing and every 3rd day or so arm myself with the bathroom weapon of mass destruction as I assist "Superman", as his sidekick "Plunger Girl".


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