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When Hello Means Goodbye is a sensitive booklet written to help families during the early days of their grief. It helps answer questions and prepare parents for the days ahead. It can be given to parents at the first acknowledgment of their baby’s death to help them best use the short time they’ll have with their little one. Among topics covered are: collecting keepsakes; ways to celebrate the birth and death of a baby; reasons for seeing, holding and naming a dead baby; emotions common to bereaved parents; information about autopsies; where to find help; and the unique situations of fathers, siblings, and grandparents. Contains beautiful poetry.


"A wonderful resource for grieving parents to accompany them along their grief journey. Many of our parents find it especially helpful in the early weeks following the death of their baby. Covers lots of topics, and can be skipped through as necessary to fit individual journeys." 


Written in the style of When Hello Means Goodbye, Too Soon a Memory sensitive booklet gives practical information for a couple facing grief following a miscarriage. This booklet will validate those who will be deeply affected by the loss, as well as those who will move quickly through their grief. Helpful medical information and grieving tips are included.


"Miscarriages have their own special issues that come along with them. Many parents have not shared that they are pregnant yet with many of their social circles. This makes grief complicated, because many don't know about the loss, and others who do know of the loss may not understand how much grief the parents' may be experiencing since they feel that an early loss should not have a lot to grieve since they didn't really know the baby. This book addresses these issues, along with giving parents reassurances that regardless of how little or much grief they are experiences, it is normal to grieve at different intensities and on varying timelines."


Two beautiful handcrafted ceramic hearts in one. When separated, the tiny inner heart can be placed with the loved one who has died as a reminder of their unbroken connection to those who remain behind. They can also be tied together to form a necklace of love around the loved one. The outer heart is kept by the bereaved and can be worn on a necklace, acknowledging their grief.







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